Our Mission

LifeHub Boston is a new innovation space that invites you to connect and co-create with the brightest minds in Bayer and Boston.

We convene diverse communities and creative thought leaders—from architects to technology experts to scientists—to explore solutions to complex challenges in the fields of health and nutrition.

Looking for opportunities to unleash new ideas and collaborate with a diverse range of experts, thought leaders, students, industries, and institutions? Are you eager to discover new perspectives from Boston's unique innovation ecosystem? Are you excited to test and prototype cutting-edge ideas in a creative environment?

Grasp your opportunity to be a part of LifeHub Boston. Together, we can create better lives for humans, animals, and plants.

Crop Science

The Future of Farming

In 2019, we are focusing on the intersection of agriculture and emerging technologies. How might we use our growing understanding of AI and genomics to generate ideas to improve food supply, promote health and wellbeing, and better understand the needs of our growing population?